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How To Plan Your Wedding, Corporate Event Or Special Event Without The Worry, Stress And Time Challenges...

  • Are you feeling stressed about how much your wedding or event will cost?
  • Feeling overwhelmed about each step and making sure you don't run out of time?
  • Worried that your event or wedding won't live up to your vision?

Leave Every Event Planning Concern Behind

At Opulent Events by Gracie we understand how you feel. Through our unique mix of expertise, experience, resources and contacts we'll ensure that your wedding or corporate/special event is a resounding success.

Opulent Events by Gracie is a full service event planning company based in Philadelphia. From weddings and celebrations to corporate events, we combine creativity and attention-to-detail to deliver parties that guests remember.

Our core value is to give our clients the opportunity to spend more time with other important things in your day-to-day activities.  We know it can be challenging to find the time to enjoy the journey of the process of your event.  We want you to relax and savor those special moments of celebrations with family and friends., let us do all the hard work.

Planning Your Wedding or Corporate Event Takes Time, Vision & Contacts

Have you thought through the hours upon hours needed to plan your special day? Have you considered how many ways things can go wrong?

Ask yourself the following:

Do you have the time? The average wedding or event takes 200 hours of planning to pull off.  Do you have the ability to carve out that time around your current work and family schedule?

Do you have the money? You've set a budget. How often have you heard about event budget overruns? We have the ability to negotiate the best vendor rates. How? Through the vendor contacts we have that you simply don't possess.

Do you have it all scheduled perfectly? We know how to ensure that all parties have an itinerary. It's vital that vendors are scheduled properly. It's vital that each step before and during your event flows properly. Hire us as your event planner and you can to focus on enjoying yourself and your guests.

Do you know how to choose where to host your wedding or event?  We know how to select the most appropriate venue (and have the important contacts with those venues) so you're thrilled with how your wedding or event looks and feels against your original vision.

We have everything you need:

  • We have the time
  • We know exactly how to stay true to your budget
  • We know how to schedule each aspect of your wedding or corporate event so everything is timed correctly

Most importantly, we have the contacts (based on years of event planning) that translate into lower costs and the perks you'll never be able to benefit from on your own.

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