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Why Hire Opulent Events by Gracie & Why Our Consultation Fee is $100...

  • Wondering if all event planners are created equally?
  • Wondering if you'll see a tangible difference after hiring us for your event?

We know you want to choose an event planner with the experience, creative ideas and contacts that translate to a wonderful experience at your wedding or corporate event.

We have the experience you need behind your event: For over 20 years, Gracie has been planning conferences for major pharmaceutical companies, parties, events, weddings, and meetings.

We offer creative ideas: Our strength is our creative outlook on event planning. There are no limits to what you can achieve once you're working with us. We bring creativity, solutions and ideas for ancillary revenue, increasing your reach of resources and saving you money while creating a higher quality experience.

Our contacts are key to your successful wedding or event: This is where we shine. This is one of the key reasons you don't want to plan your event alone or through a less experienced planner.

Over the last two decades, we've cultivated relationships that are vital to

  • Getting the best vendor rates (saving you money)
  • Accessing the most appropriate location (ensuring we meet your vision)
  • Experiencing the best vendor service (removing your stress during the planning stage and on the day of your wedding or corporate event)

Imagine Your Wedding When... have us in your corner to:

  • Shop with you as you make decisions on your dress and bridal party attire
  • Guide you on the best seating chart plan
  • Track invites and registrations
  • Provide budget status reports
  • Provide planning process progress reports

Imagine Your Corporate Event When... have us in your corner to:

  • Sit on committee board meetings to help guide you and your event in the right direction
  • Track ticket sales
  • Provide budget status reports
  • Provide ticket sale status reports
  • Provide planning process progress reports

We'll Customize Our Services & Relationship

We don't plan "cookie-cutter" weddings or corporate events.

Instead, we consult with you in order to understand your distinctive situation, needs and ideas. From there, we'll plan your wedding or event that stands out as a shining example of your uniqueness.

We'll customize our working relationship, meaning you can hire us on a client, freelancer agreement or partnership basis.

This means you're getting far more than simple event planning. You’re getting the talented resources that we employ and contract, our contacts & connections and so much more.

Full Range of Skills

  • Event management
  • Large-scale project management
  • Quality control
  • Client and Vendor Relationships
  • Cross-functional leadership and team building
  • Cost control and budget management

As you can see, at Opulent Events by Gracie we go far and beyond the "normal" event planning process.

Our mission isn't to simply get the job done. Our mission is to make your wedding or corporate event memorable.

There's a big difference between an "event" and a "memorable event". That's the difference between planning your own event/hiring another planner and hiring Opulent Events by Gracie.

We believe in giving our clients the ultimate experience in planning any celebration in life.  Our mission is for you to relax while we do the work.  Your job is to enjoy the journey of planning, your guests the night of the event and to impress everyone with your venue choice.

When you hire Opulent Events by Gracie, you will:

  • Save money
  • Reduce your stress
  • See your vision come to life before your very eyes

Our consultation fee is $100 because you'll begin receiving immediate value inside your consultation. We'll provide ideas, show you how our vendor relationships and contacts become yours, and how it all translates to the best wedding or corporate event possible.

And upon hiring us, we'll apply your consultation fee to your overall event fee. So, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by filling out your consultation form below.

We look forward to meeting you and creating the wedding or corporate event of your dreams!

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