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what are the benefits of being an Opulent Events by Gracie client?

We want our clients to feel appreciated.  Its our goal for you to have a great experience during the process of planning your event.  Giving you the opportunity to focus on daily activities while we bring to life your vision is imperative to us, and having you trust and confidence in us is valuable, and just as imperative to us. We want you to think of your time with us as not your vision just being pieced together by us. We want you to feel like your vision becomes our vision, and your vision does not simply stay something you had and we helped make possible, but that it was an experience, so at the end it will not be your vision or ours, instead it will be something you can say was an experience we shared, that cannot be owned by anyone except the ones who were there to experience it.  We understand that planning events is an investment for you; therefore our reward programs are just our way of saying “Thank you” for your trust in us. 

See what wonderful rewards are available once you become a member of the Opulent Events by Gracie family.


10% Preferred Family

Welcome to the Opulent Family, now that you have done an event with us you are a member of our family.  That means you will receive a 10% preferred family discount off every event for life.  Plus you'll also receive from time-to-time special promos from us and other vendors.

Rules: This program may NOT be combined with our annual Showcase special rates.

Referral Program

Refer someone; if they contract us you'll receive a $200 Visa Company Gift Card.

Rules: Referrals MUST by made by existing clients of Opulent Events by Gracie within the prior two years.

Annual Showcase

Attend the annual showcase "The Opulent Showcase" and benefit from the special rates of our services and of our vendors/suppliers exclusively to Opulent Events by Gracie.  With a deposit the night of the event, the exclusive rates of Opulent Events by Gracie and partnering vendors/suppliers are good for up to 2 years from the date of the showcase.

Rules: the special rates offered during our Annual Showcase are valid only with deposited contract of that current year for the showcase.  Contracts must be made the night of the Showcase.  This program may not be combined with any other promotions, offers or special rates.


CONGRATULATIONS LGBT Community on your voice finally being heard!  In support of your new rights we would like to offer a special gift of 30% or 40% off our services to the LGBT Community for anyone planning a wedding, special event, and corporate events.

30% discount applies to total contract value for Complete Planning Package for special events and weddings and all Corporate/Business contracts on retainer.  40% discount applies to total contract value for Planning and Preparation Package.

offer valid til 6/30/2016

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