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long-term Charitable sponsorship policy
Opulent Event by Gracie

We are specifically interested in supporting children's and women's development and family support & crisis programs.  We have a strong belief in the philosophy of giving back, and that is what we seek from the organizations we collaborate with.  Our goal is to invest in a future that gives children and women the opportunity to advance, and to help families who have experienced a tragedy or crisis get to a better place in life.

Opulent Events by Gracie is owned by an entrepreneur, Gracie Foreman.  She is why this company has charitable contributions focused on people who remind her of a past she remembers of limited help, but not a lack of potential for a better future.

Gracie was once in a similar situation that the children and women she supports are currently in.  It is her own experience of needing help to maximize her potential that has shaped her goal of helping others.  She was forced to work her way through school without help or support.  However, it did not stop her from becoming who she is now, the proud owner of the business of her dreams.  By being involved with the programs Gracie is now able to give others the support she once needed, and she is more than happy to give it.

Opulent Events by Gracie has the focus and passion for supporting children and women because Gracie knows more than enough about the misfortunes people sometimes have to face.  This is why she does more than her part to help others who are currently in positions she knows they don't have to be in, if someone would just help.

The Opulent Events by Gracie Long-term Sponsorship Policy ensures that all donations, sponsorship, and in-kind services are coordinated and aligned with our company social responsibility strategy and business goals, to maximize opportunity for company visibility, foster long-term business relationships, and are within our budget and resource limitations.  This policy eliminates duplication and establishes a central point of contact for internal and external requests.  All requests for charitable sponsorship will be handled accordingly.

  • All incoming and outgoing requests for charitable sponsorships will be coordinated and administered by the Community Team.  Individual employees may not respond to requests from (or solicit from) individuals or organizations that have an actual or potential business relationship with our company.
  • Incoming or outgoing requests for charitable sponsorship must be made in writing and forwarded to Community Team for research, review, and final disposition.  Community Team will communicate directly with agencies regarding all requests and coordinate any follow up documentation, and/or collateral activities such as ads, tickets, invitations, banners, etc.

We provide sponsorship to:

  • Children programs in support of quality of life and development
  • Woman programs in support of educational and career development
  • Family support and crisis programs 


We are currently in the process of researching the best organization that will help us give back to the type of charities we truly believe in supporting. We want an organization that is willing to put in the time and effort we always put into our charity work.  

We seek to have a three-year commitment with an organization, so we can have a partnership that can develop and impact the charitable cause of everyone involved, and have only perfect results. We can only accept applications from 501 (c) (3) organizations based in Philadelphia only, which meet our guidelines and work with the programs we listed. See our guidelines for specific details and required documents to be considered for future collaboration. We are waiting for someone to help us, help others.


The following guidelines will be used in reviewing requests for a three years long-term charitable sponsorship:

  • Only Philadelphia, PA based, 501 (c ) (3) non-profit organizations may apply and submit a copy of IRS tax letter noting 501 (c ) (3) status 
  • Provide quarterly financial reports to Community Team for the duration of the sponsorship
  • Submit proposal with a full description of what the needs/problems are for your organization, this must include financial budget in support of the needs/problems.
  • Offer an honorary seat on the Board of Directors for Gracie Foreman, President of Opulent Events by Gracie for the duration of the sponsorship term.  As well as keeping the lines of communication open.
  • Participate in programs and development of new relationships suggested in support of your needs/problems
  • Coordinate with community team with all marketing requests and suggestions for Opulent Events by Gracie website(s), social media walls, marketing print materials and press releases.
  • Creative approval of Opulent Events by Gracie logo(s) must be pre-approved in advance
  • Issue annual Metrics report for all marketing ads including Opulent Events by Gracie for brand visibility and recognitions



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